Small Scale Industry Certificate

Glycarmic Index Certificate

For generations we were doing this business always using novel methods. From 2002 onwards we used to supply LKG Brown Rice to export companies in Tamilnadu and Kerala to produce Brown Rice powder like Puttu, Idiappam, Appam etc. Modern life style tempts people to taste Hot Dog, Pizza, Burger etc, Which spoil one's health dangerously. Latest research studies reveal that the traditional food habit is the best to follow. Health experts naturally recommends hand-pound rice, brown rice (Whole grain rice) and millat varieties.

Indias' future is definitely in the hands of youth but unfortunately younger generation because of their jung food culture, ruin their health. Brown Rice, Whole Grains, Leafy Vegetables and fruits - the only remedy to save people from dangerous diseases like diabetics, cordiac arrest and cancer. HENCE OUR ATTENTION IS ON BROWN RICE.

Our Product's Speciality

  • LKG Brown Rice is 100% whole grain, Parboiled rice. It retains all the vitamins, fibre and minerals of natural rice.

  • Fibre is easily digestable carbohydrate. It protects the intestine and prevent constipation, appenticities, intestenal diverticulosis and cancer.

  • Longterm consumption of LKG Brown Rice will help in preserving insulin producing cells.

  • Fibre reduces the absorption and rice in blood glucose.

  • To get optimal nutrition,it is advised that LKG Brown Rice should be consumed with sufficient vegetables, leafy vegetables and fruits.
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